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The bikes


The rental stations feature KALKHOFF Tasman Impulse e-bikes. These electric bikes are ideal for cycling on all non-rugged paths. Their latest-generation batteries give them an increased range of 90 km on a plain and 60 km in the mountains. Note that battery life depends on various factors including how much the rider relies on the battery, the rider’s weight, the terrain, the type of ground and the temperature. Two frame sizes are available at all our stations: S for riders 1.55 m height and over, M for riders 1.70 m height and over.

Like all electric bikes (e-bikes), they are equipped with an electric motor that helps you only when you pedal. The top speed with electric assistance is 25 km/h. Beyond this speed, the assistance stops. On road, cyclepath or trail, no need to struggle with pedals to keep going: even hitting a slope or with a headwind, cycling becomes a delight for any rider! More than that, it is a way of moving from A to B that emits no greenhouse gases and uses very little electricity (1 kWh/100 km) ; a perfect opportunity for showing your eco credentials and getting out of your car to hile… or more!

In regulatory terms, these bikes comply with EN 15194 (European standard for the electric bikes) and EN 14764 (European standard defining them as bikes and not motorized vehicles). Bikes can use cyclepaths and regional trains, and no special insurance or licence is needed to use them. And although safety helmets are recommended, they are not mandatory.

Note: for liability and safety reasons, the stations do not rent bikes to anyone under 14 years of age. Minors 14 years of age and over must be accompanied by an adult.